Banded Wall Climbers

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Activities of daily living such as desk work, abdominal crunches, exercise programs with frequent flexion moments constantly cause the spine to flex and hip flexors to have a tendency to shorten. This often results in kyphotic posture and protracted shoulder girdle! An simple, yet demanding, movement pattern is the Banded Wall Climbers. The banded wall [...]

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The X-Factors and Movement

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Anterior X-Factor All motions involving rotation and extension run along the Anterior X-Factor. When viewing the anatomy of the adductors to the opposite pectoral and shoulder region, there is a relatively parallel line along these tissues. This Flexibility Highway runs from the adductor insertion on the linea aspera on the posterior femur and originates at [...]

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Triangulated Shoulder Press: Integrated Stability Pattern

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In part one of this two part blog, Tri-Plane Integrated Shoulder Mobility Patterns, discussed the interrelationship of how the hips impact the shoulder function.  This post will address the tri-plane stability component for shoulder movement patterns.  As stated in part one, do not think stability and mobility are opposite ends of the movement spectrum.  In [...]

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