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PTA Global is developing world-class fitness leaders through proven systems, sciences and tools. PTA Global is the only collaborative certification, comprising 26 of the world’s greatest educators and presenters – teaching you!

Neurospine Institute – Offices of Dr. Robert Masson – Our team of exceptionally trained and mindful medical professionals is devoted to delivering the highest level of surgical care in the world for degenerative lower back and neck conditions using state-of-the-art surgical techniques, technology, and comprehensive surgical and rehabilitation planning. Our focus is devoted to providing the best medical experience and life-enhancing solutions available for these unique and intricate conditions.

Institute of Motion – Michol Dalcourt – The Institute of Motion (“IoM”) is a new educational and collaborative resource for fitness professionals featuring webinars, mentorships, DVDs, online courses, program design, pre-made fitness programs, articles, and consultancy and lecture engagements, among other offerings all based on our own IoM Methodology.

Ian O’Dwyer combines his practical “hands on” techniques with specific functional movement exercises, developed at his boutique studio in beautiful Noosa Heads, Australia. These exercises are then given to the client to repeat regularly, feeding the body the missing ingredients it craves to move and feel well, enabling clients to regain responsibility for their body’s well being.

Spark Pro is our most powerful app offering our most advanced motion analysis tools in connection with web based Cloud technology.

The world’s most powerful workout and practice planning tool. Quickly plan your workouts and practices using the customizable Exercise & Drill Collections. Share planning & analysis with your athletes or clients on the web and mobile apps.

Fisikal is the next generation of business service solutions for the fitness industry. We create white label, interactive online and mobile apps which focus on supporting consumers wherever they are. For more information please to go