Activities of daily living such as desk work, abdominal crunches, exercise programs
with frequent flexion moments constantly cause the spine to flex and hip flexors to
have a tendency to shorten. This often results in kyphotic posture and protracted
shoulder girdle! An simple, yet demanding, movement pattern is the Banded Wall
The banded wall climber movement pattern is a challenging exercise for the
posterior shoulder girdle. This is an excellent exercise to help train the
parascapular tissue to enhance scapular retraction along with the posterior deltoid,
triceps and latissimus dorsi.
Start by wrapping a band or tube around your hands. Place the side of your hands
at shoulder height against a wall. Begin with small clockwise circular motions while
moving your hands upward. Do 3-4 repetitions each arm. After reaching the
designated repetitions, reverse the motion by moving the hands counter clockwise
and move downward to the start position. Perform this movement pattern 3-4
times up and down for one set. Do 2-3 sets.
Combining this movement pattern along with the Scapular Retraction and Posterior
Shoulder Stabilization, Integrated Shoulder Internal Rotation, Integrated Shoulder
External Rotation will provide a tri-plane shoulder stability program that not only
enhances shoulder girdle strengthening, but also assist with postural alignment

To Your Good Health!