Chuck Wolf Insights Into Functional Training

Principles, Concepts, and Application

Chuck Wolf is here to flip things again with his idea of a 3D joint-by-joint approach. In this new book, which ships from the printer tomorrow, he wants us to consider “functional anatomy” in addition to book anatomy, and in an in-depth section (Chapter Three: Functional Anatomy), he explains what each of the major muscles do in all three planes of motion. You’ll learn which muscles decelerate, stabilize or accelerate in each of the planes—not only what the anatomy book says, but also what actually happens in motion. Once you understand this, you’ll immediately be more confident in your workout programming.

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We have been documenting our performance routines to show the diversity of key body movements that are customized for each individual client.

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If you are looking to increase your performance and overall health you can start by contacting Human Motion Associates. Strength and agility will help you improve your health and sharpen your skills.

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Whether you work in an office, or perform manual labor, an athlete, or retired, we work with you and create a personalized program based on your goals and needs to improve health, well-being, and performance.

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We are fully dedicated to our clients. When you get started with Human Motion Associates, you will be part of an elite team of individuals that are like minded and willing to help you reach your goals. Just read some of our testimonials to see what people are saying.

Chuck was instrumental in helping me overcome a potentially career ending back injury. He pinpointed the problems and then devised a fantastic strength and stretching program. I religiously followed the program and a three year injury was better so quickly that I completed an Ironman in a personal best time within 3 months.
Joanna Zeiger, PhD, 2000 Olympian (Triathlon)
My off season program with Human Motion Associates has helped maintain my strength, flexibility, and mobility through the course of the long major league season. I believe that Chuck’s program has contributed to my endurance and strength needed as a major league catcher.
AJ Pierzynski, Major League Catcher
The evaluation techniques used by Human Motion Associates have been instrumental in detecting any limitations or tightness that have occurred and causing slight swing deviations in my game. Based upon his findings, Chuck has suggested successful strategies for a flexibility and strengthening program, which has been a contributing factor toward my success.
Zach Johnson, 2007 Masters Champion
The key to recovery from a performance based injury is getting the body to restore its well managed symphony of motion without flaws and bad habits. I am in the business of fixing the injured spine as a single structure. Chuck Wolf has demonstrated the expertise that I rely on to provide for my patients the balance of flexibility, strength and coordination of all body movements needed to recover from and prevent performance based spinal injury.
Robert L. Masson, M.D., President NeuroSpine Institute

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