Gait & Motion Analysis


  • Assess movement patterns to reveal potential soft tissue tightness and/or compensatory body mechanics
  • Prevent overuse injuries and reduce performance limitations
  • Comprehensive corrective stretching and strengthening
  • Create movement environment that enhances performance of daily activities
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Athletic Enhancement


  • Maximize athletic potential
  • Emphasize strength
  • Increased speed & power
  • Explosiveness & faster reactions
  • Improved endurance
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Personal Training


  • Meet personal heath and fitness goals
  • Receive motion analysis and body composition assessment
  • Personalized exercise prescription under staff with expertise of cutting-edge skills
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We Are All Athletes No Matter Who We Are or What We Do! We Help Injured Clients and Athletes of All Levels Return to Play and Work.

We understand the challenges of reaching your personal goals and we are here to help you!!

At Human Motion Associates we are here to assist all of our clients in reaching their individual fitness potential. We are all athletes to some degree, regardless of our occupations. If you have suffered an injury we understand the challenges you are faced with. We are here to guide you back to work and play and help you to achieve your goals.

Sports of All Sorts

No matter your age or occupation, our objective at Human Motion Associates is to create an environment to reduce risk of injury, while allowing you to reach your highest potential.

Baseball Players

As a former professional baseball player, Chuck understands the nuances of the game. Combined with his expertise in biomechanics, he uses his assessment strategies and training techniques to enhance ball players’ performance with great efficiency allowing clients to reach the next level.

Weekend Warriors

It is the lifestyle, specificity of movement, and personal goals that differentiates the weekend warriors from the highest level athlete. HMA offers evaluations and analysis of movement patterns to minimize your risk of injury.

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Do you want to improve your fitness and sports performance?

Get in touch with us so we can help you develop an advanced program design to fit your needs.
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